In 2012, Bike Milwaukie set out to bring a public bike repair stand to downtown Milwaukie. A place residents and visitors alike would have access to bike tools needed for simple repairs.

City hall was identified early in the process as a prime location with an on-street bike corral nearby, along with the bustling Milwaukie Farmers Market. We had conversations with multiple stakeholders over the course of two years and although everyone loved the idea and encouraged us forward, we left these meeting empty handed and determined to change things.

A new Milwaukie City Council endorsed and supported by Bike Milwaukie came into office in early 2015. The City Council along with a willing City Manager quickly began the bike repair stand conversations anew. Within 3 months, in March 2015 the City of Milwaukie agreed to allow the repair stand to be installed in front of City Hall.

Bike Milwaukie’s new role was to raise the $2700 dollars to purchase, ship, and install the bike repair stand, as well as find a business that would provide long term maintenance for the repair stand. We did both!

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign launched in the Spring of 2015 that included 32 donors and The Bike Commuter, a local bike shop, committed to the bike repair stand maintenance we fulfilled our wish list.

Bike Milwaukie installed the bike repair stand on August 31st, 2015 and a city-led public dedication was held at Milwaukie’s First Friday Event. The bike repair stand is a gift to the city of Milwaukie from Bike Milwaukie and is solely owned by the city.

The repair station is manufactured by Bike Fixtation in the United States and includes hand tools and a floor pump that are available to the public 24 hours per day.

This repair stand made possible by a peloton of generous contributors:
Huntco Site Furnishings
The eBike Store
Baartz-Bowman Family
Michael West & Shelley Little West
The Menely Family
Clodine Mallinckrodt & Chris Ortolano
Howie & Sheila Oakes
Karin Power
Jon Savidge
Jacob Anderson
Lisa Batey
The Jahn Family
Bryan Dorr
Don Pomeroy
Howrad Hammel
Mark Gamba
Ryan Johnson
Andy Schmidt
Kelly & Weston Williams
Suvi Chisholm & Jeanot Lewis-Rolland
Victoria Marinelli & Jacob Stuart
Team Davis
Burk Webb
Brainstorm Gear
Bob & Linda Palandech
John Chilson
Rob Burkhart
Michael Hitchcock
Jennifer Koozer
Zara Logue
Jennifer Day
and many more!!